Sunday, October 10, 2010

dj ryudo

i know this is early but if i don't upload it now i'll forget. so, a day early!

dude so ryudo is srsly one of the coolest guys ever. and he always has a lot of cats.

we met when a mutual friend introduced us and pretty much hit it off right away! back then, i was naive and innocent and he was a total pervert, and i didn't really understand any of the innuendo jokes he made. well, now i do but he isn't really a pervert anymore. i think it's because of his girlfriend, who is super cute. way to go, kiki!

so i have so many memories of me and ryudo. like when we used to talk on skype literally every day. (when i actually had a microphone that worked lolol). he'd call me before school and both of us would like grunt at each other and hate the world because we're not morning people, and then after school and we'd talk till i had to go for dinner and then we'd talk again after that. and we played mmos together! he introduced me to space cowboy/flysis/air rivals, which is probably my second favorite mmo even though it was scary and i wasn't very good at it, just cause it was the first, and then there was rappelz, and flyff which i only played for a day, and then scions of fate which was my favorite mmo ever (RYUDO why did we stop playing this?! i srsly don't remember but fff it was soooo funnn) and then ragnarok and dream of mirror online. good times.

he's been there for me through the good times and bad! and he was there when i needed to tell somebody about my first kiss, my first love, my first boyfriend, my first breakup, all the disaster half-relationships in-between, and finally he's always there when i have to gush about how adorable ethan is and stuff.

so in conclusion, ryudo is an amazing guy and i wouldn't have met any of my internet friends without him. well, not any of the ones i've had lasting friendships with, at least. and he's pretty much always right about stuff which sucks because we don't agree on a lot of stuff so that means i'm wrong about a lot of stuff. like what people are creepers and stuff.

you should all love ryudo! you can like him on facebook (DJ Ryudo) or on twitter (djryudo) or watch his stream ( or visit his website ( and you should give him money so he can buy more cool music.

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