Wednesday, September 22, 2010


sadly, this literally was happening as I drew this. i want that cheese dip so badly. and my roommate is very nice and i am aware that she would be totally fine with me having cheese dip, but this one time i microwaved this instant garlic rice for lunch and the whole room smelled like garlic and then her friend came over and i felt so judged. even though i don't think she probably judged me. whatever. i try to be unobtrusive and sometimes i take it too far. =(


  1. maybe it's cuz she's a hardbody.



  2. Now who's the one making that term sound negative? =P

  3. If 100 people think you smell like garlic, well I guess you probably do... No wait that isn't where I wanted to go. If 1000 people think you are stupid are u??? No not until you think you are stupid. I guess that didn't really aply but don't worry so much about what people think. Remember SWSWSWN !!!